“Add capital to your home”

Capital Home Energy is dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of homes, through building science and energy efficiency.

Before your project begins we will help you decide what is best for your new home. We are flexible and open to working within your requirements, both financially and logistically, in order to become your Energy Design group.

Using Energy Modelling software we have the ability to run multiple scenario’s for energy efficient building methods and systems, including; insulation levels and types, windows and doors, Heating systems, ventilation, domestic hot water, etc…   All this to maximize your EnerGuide Rating, and minimize your Energy consumption, that fits into your budget.


We are proud members of the CHBA  and the GVHBA


luke dolan capital home energy cea vancouver


Luke Dolan, owner

Luke Dolan, is a CEA (Certified Energy  Advisor) with Natural Resources Canada, and a Certified Home Inspector.

Luke also started the trade association for Energy Advisors – CACEA (Canadian Association of Consulting Energy Advisors).  He is now acting Director of CACEA. 

His extensive background as a CEA , began in 2008,  when he was trained  by one of the industry’s leading building science and energy auditing firms: Building Insight Technologies. Since then he has evaluated over 4000 homes in the Vancouver Lower Mainland and Whistler Sea-to-Sky corridor.

Luke also performs third party New Construction Home Inspections for the Holmes Approved Holmes program for Mike Holmes Inspections.

Other certifications include:

Luke has a passion for sustainable building, the environment, and a healthy active lifestyle. Luke has over 25 years of experience in the construction industry, including 15 years in Whistler BC.

Frustrated with the inefficiencies and waste in the construction industry, Luke decided to take a more proactive approach in making the world a better place.   Luke states, “sustainable building is the future.  Helping average people reduce their need for Energy can be a very rewarding experience. Energy efficiency is not just about saving money. It’s a lifestyle change that leads to a healthier and more sustainable world.”

Luke’s  passions include outdoor sports such as, skiing, cycling, and windsurfing. He is also an avid gardener. Luke’s lifestyle and up most respect for the environment has shaped his business model and has contributed to the success of Capital Home Energy. The service he provides with his energy evaluations and home inspections leaves home owners, contractors, developers, and real estate professionals with a feeling of satisfaction after the job is complete.

To contact Luke directly, call: 604-562-0387 or email luke@capitalhomeenergy.com

Matheus Olmedo, Energy Advisor

Matheus, originally from Brazil, arrived in Vancouver over a decade ago.

With a Mechanical Engineering Degree from UBC, Matheus been in the residential energy design industry for over five years, and has processed over a four thousand homes as an Energy Advisor.  In his spare time, Matheus teaches historical European martial arts to anyone interested in learning swordplay, and can be found on his bike cruising around Vancouver, be it rain or shine.


Energy advisor Energy advisor Energy advisor Energy advisor Energy advisor Energy advisor Tommy Byun, EIT, CEA

Tommy is the newest addition to the Capital Home Energy Team, and brings fresh insight to the world of building science with his extensive training as an Engineer.  Tommy is an Energy Advisor for both New and Existing Homes.
Tommy’s education includes a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, and Master of Science in Environmental Engineering (CEE) from the University of Illinois. Tommy has a passion for Sustainable Building and this was the drive for him to acheive the Certified Energy Advisor (CEA) designation.
In his spare time you can find Tommy exploring the beautiful North Shore Mountains, playing his guitar, and continuing his love for the environment, by helping out wherever he can.