Existing Home Energy Audit

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What is an Existing Home Energy Audit or Energy Evaluation?

annual heat loss, home energy audit - capital home energy
annual heat loss, home energy audit - capital home energy

Capital Home Energy are Certified Energy Advisors by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan). We operate under the Licensed Service organization:
Total Home Solutions, City Green and the CHBA-BC

The energy evaluation or energy audit, is a detailed assessment of how energy efficient the home is. The evaluation usually takes 1.5-2.5 hrs. We look at all the different components of the home: windows, heating, hot water, insulation levels in the walls, ceiling, basement or crawlspace. We also do a detailed blower door air tightness test to find out how much natural air infiltration there is, and identify key areas of concern for air leakage.  Basically we show where the drafty spots are in your home.

Capital Home Energy provides a level of service that is unique and distinguishes us from other energy advisors. We take the extra time to deliver a detailed EnerGuide House report within 48hrs of the evaluation .

The energy audit determines the amount of heat loss from each component of the house, estimates energy consumption and makes recommendations to homeowners on how to improve energy efficiency. The data collected from the onsite evaluation is entered into an energy simulation program that generates an energy rating (EnerGuide Rating) for the house, provides practical and cost-effective upgrade recommendations and shows the benefits of making the recommended energy upgrades to the house.

By having an Existing Home Energy Audit you could reduce your energy consumption by 40% or more.

You will be able to take away valuable information from the Evaluation reports such as an overall Heat loss calculation that you can give to your heating contractor if you’re thinking about replacing your heating system.

Once the evaluation is complete, the homeowner is then eligible for Rebates. For one off rebates, you have six months from the date of install to apply for the rebate through either BC Hydro or FortisBC.  For the draftproofing and bonus rebate, you have 36 Months from the date of your first evaluation to apply for these rebates by booking your second energy evaluation to receive your rebates.

Existing Home Energy Audit Rebates

Mortgage Insurance Rebate – Discount 

Once you are ready, you then book another appointment. We will do a follow up evaluation, visually verify your upgrades, and have you fill out a grant form (please keep records of all invoices, receipts, make and model numbers etc.).

Ask us about an Infrared Thermal Scan.  Click here for more info.

Green Knowledge

Using less energy isn’t about making drastic lifestyle changes or sacrifices. Conservation and efficiency measures can be as simple as improving insulation standards for new buildings, replacing incandescent light bulbs with compact florescent models, or replacing an old refrigerator with an more efficient one. In fact, energy efficiency often provides an improvement in lifestyle. a poorly insulated or drafty house may be impossible to keep comfortable no matter how much energy and money you use trying to keep warm.

Green buildings are part of a global response increasing awareness of the role of human activity in causing global climate change. Buildings account for more than 40% of all global carbon dioxide emissions, one of the main culprits implicated in the phenomenon of global warming.

While the U.S, Canada, Western Europe and Japan contribute the majority of green house gas emissions at the present time, this situation is going to change dramatically in the near future. The projected rapid growth of carbon dioxide emissions from China, India, the rest of Asia, Brazil and Russia make it imperative that the entire world participate in reducing the “carbon footprint”. Global temperature increases are inevitable, with significant consequences for all of us.

Vancouver was voted the best place to live in 2009 according to a survey by the Economist Intelligence Unit. Together we can help set an example for the rest of the world by reducing our carbon footprint, and paving the path as a leader for a cleaner, greener world.

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