Mortgage Insurance Rebate – Discount

NEW 15% to 25% Mortgage Insurance Rebate – Home buyers can access rebates with CMHC or Genworth, by getting an Energy Audit/EnerGuide Rating, showing efficiency improvements. Its that easy. 

  1. Click here for info on CMHC Energy Efficiency discount
  2. Click here for info on Genworth  Energy Efficiency discount
capital home energy - certified energy advisor vancouver

Existing Homes Mortgage Insurance Rebate:

  1. You will need an existing home Energy Evaluation
  2. Discuss CMHC or Genworthinsured refinancing – Contact your lender
  3. Improve your EnerGuide Rating by 5 points
  4. Confirm your improvements with a post retrofit evalauation
  5. Apply for your rebate

New Home Mortgage Insurance Rebate:

1. Find out how energy-efficient your home is
– Its best to Contact us before you build
– we can also test the home once its completed

2. Achieve an EnerGuide Rating of 82
– or if required we will help you raise your rating by at least 5 points to obtain your rebate

3. Discuss CMHC or Genworth insured refinancing
– Contact your lender

4. Confirm your improvements

5. Apply for your rebate

capital home energy - certified energy advisor vancouver

Energy Efficiency in housing is the future.  As populations increase and we put more of a strain on our Natural Resources, its time to start thinking about how you can reduce your impact on our planet.  Do this not because of building codes, or municipal regulations, but do it because it is the right thing to do!

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