Vancouver Building Bylaw for Renovations  Vancouver building bylaw for renovations

The requirements for existing homes are slightly different than the Vancouver Building Bylaw for New Homes.

The process involves an existing home energy evaluation before the renovation begins.    The City of Vancouver will require an EnerGuide report for permit requirements.   That’s where we come in.    We’ll do our best to make this a smooth process.    We understand the difficulties and stress involved in renovations, especially at the permit phase.

With our team of Energy Advisors, we’ll help you get through the permit process, and give you some great advice along the way.

“Using Energy Modeling software we have the ability to run multiple scenario’s for energy efficient building methods and systems, including; insulation levels and types, windows and doors, Heating systems, ventilation, domestic hot water, etc…   All this to, minimize your Energy consumption, and maximize your EnerGuide Rating, that fits into your budget.” 

City of Vancouver requirements for renovations: 

Renovation Energy Upgrade Proposal in lieu of meeting the Effective R-22 Wall requirements
(or other insulation requirements)

We have the ability through energy modeling to help you find trade offs if you are not able to meet the wall insulation requirements.  This can save you valuable floor space and MONEY $$. 

The process is fairly straightforward; we use energy modeling software (hot2000)  and create two new energy models 1- VBBL reference house (home built to VBBL minimum code), 2- proposed home (the way you want to build).  We then prove the proposed home will use less energy than the reference home in our energy model.   Once we have determined what the trades offs will be, we’ll produce the Energy Design Summary report required by the City of Vancouver for the Vancouver building bylaw for renovations.

Click here for a memo from the City of Vancouver regarding the Effective R-22 Wall insulation requirements.

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