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Backdrafting In Our Homes

What is backdrafting? Backdrafting is the reverse and unwanted flow of exhaust gases from fuel-fired appliances back into a home. Fuel-fired appliances use the oxygen present in air for the combustion process, and also use air to dilute toxic gases in the exhaust vent pipe or chimney. Combustion and dilution air can be supplied directly to the appliance (direct-vent) or can be pulled from…
Vanessa Ha
February 24, 2021
Energy EfficiencyHome Comfort

Air Barrier vs Vapour Barrier

The difference between air barrier and vapour barrier systems is often misunderstood.  These are two distinct components of a building’s assembly, and both have a different purpose. The function of an air barrier is to stop air leakage between a conditioned space and an unconditioned space, while the vapour barrier prevents the diffusion of vapour through an assembly. The National…
Vanessa Ha
February 19, 2021
Energy EfficiencyFor Builders

Building Airtightness Targets and Standards

We can’t stress enough the importance of airtightness. Durability, comfort, energy efficiency, and healthy homes all relate back to airtightness. If you haven’t read our blog post about airtightness, see HERE. Airtightness requirements in building codes and energy performance standards are becoming increasingly stringent. Recent codes and standards have now begun to include targets for whole-building airtightness as a way of achieving consistently higher levels of…
Vanessa Ha
February 3, 2021