EnerGuide Rating for New Homes

Capital Home Energy –  EnerGuide rating service audit Vancouver –  We offer Energy Evaluations  for new and existing homes throughout the Greater Vancouver area.

The EnerGuide for New Homes program is National Program run by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan).  This rating program is a standard way to measure a home’s energy performance.   The EGNH is a service developed and partially subsidized by NRCan and/or the Government of Canada.

The EGNH service provides independent third-party energy efficiency advice for new houses. EnerGuide is an official wordmark of NRCan and is used with permission.

Reducing the amount of energy that Canadians use in their homes is part of Canada’s climate-change solution to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions we produce and help improve our environment.

The Old version of EnerGuide, The home’s efficiency rating, was based on a scale of 0 to 100. 0 being an older inefficient home, and 100 represents a home that is extremely energy efficient, and requires no purchased energy to operate throughout the year.  We are now using the new version of the EnerGuide Rating System V15.

energuide rating vancouver, energy audit vancouver - capital home energy

In April 2016 a new EnerGuide Rating System (ERS V15) was introduced to British Columbia.

The rating is based on the homes total energy consumption stated in gigajoules per year.  This is determined using the standard operating conditions and calculated by subtracting the annual renewable energy contributions from the annual energy consumption.

Therefore the lower the EnerGuide Rating, the better the homes score.   Homes that have a Zero rating, would be considered Net Zero.     For more info give us a call 604-562-0387   or email info@capitalhomeenergy.com 

energuide rating vancouver, energy audit vancouver - capital home energy

We offer detailed Energy Modeling using Natural Resources Canada’s software hot2000 which is the industry standard in Canada. Your home will be enrolled in the EnerGuide for New Homes Program.

Before your project begins we will help you decide what is best for your new home. The process is very straight forward, we will need a copy of your house plans (preferably on PDF or hard copy plans will work too)  We have the ability to run multiple scenario’s for energy efficient building methods and systems, including; insulation levels and types, windows and doors, Heating systems, ventilation, domestic hot water, etc… All this to maximize your EnerGuide Rating, and minimize your Energy consumption, that fits into your budget.

As part of this service you will get detailed air leakage testing, during construction (prior to drywall) and a final test when the home is complete.

At the end of your project, you will get an Energy Efficient healthy home, along with a rating that will help with re-sale further down the road, as well as Rebates from FortisBC New Home Rebate Program.

Getting your home the best EnerGuide rating  should be the target, and is very achievable.

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