Net Zero New Build – Langley, BC

The first Net-Zero home in the Township of Langley

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BUILDER: Foxridge/Quailco
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Project Features:

  • Windows: Triple Glazed, 0.98 USI Or Better
  • 0.26 SHGC
  • Above Grade Exterior Walls: 2×6 @ 24” O/C, R24 Batt
  • Attic: R60
  • Below Grade Walls: 2” XPS + 2×6 Frost Wall @ 24” O/C, R24 Batt
  • Under Slab: 3” EPS R12
  • Exterior Air Barrier (Taped Air Weather Barrier)
  • Target Airtightness = 1.0 ACH @ 50Pa [Mid-blower test was 0.79 ACH]
  • Space Heating & Cooling: 19 SEER, Variable Speed, Cold Climate, 24k BTU Heat Pump
  • Auxiliary Space Heating & Water Heating: 0.96 UEF Tankless (NG) Water Heater c/w Hydronic Air Handler (P9.11 Combo DHW & Space Heating)
  • Ventilation: 75% Efficient Fully Dedicated Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV)
  • DWHR: 56.6% Eff. 60”
  • Solar: 14.2 kW Array

About this home

Some information about the house and Foxridge (Qualico);

  • Qualico is one of the largest fully integrated, privately owned real estate companies in Western Canada.
  • Foxridge Homes BC is a single family production home builder business unit operating within Qualico Developments (Vancouver).
  • They have been in business since 1951 (72 years)
  • Since 2019 Foxridge Homes has completed approximately 415 homes under the BC Energy Step Code. 63 of these homes have met Step 4 of the BC Energy Step Code.


  • This house achieves CHBA Net Zero and Step 5 of the BC Energy Step Code
  • The Challenge with this build according to Quailco;
    • Expanding and testing the conventional building practices that they have used on all previous homes to see if they can build a house that achieves Step 5 of the BC Energy Step Code, and CHBA Net Zero.
    • By testing their conventional methods, they wanted to see if it would be possible to scale a high-performance house build into a production home building environment
    • They wanted to include a secondary suite in this house build, as the vast majority of our homes are purchased with a secondary suite
    • They wanted the home to be fuel agnostic (Natural Gas + Electricity)
    • They wanted the home to fit the architectural character of the rest of their subdivision


  • Location of the Build/Build Stats
    • 20550 77B Ave, Langley BC
    • 3,235 sqft
    • 5 bed, 4.5 bath
    • In-ground basement
    • House includes a one bedroom 543 ft2 secondary suite

The homes’ concrete is a Low Embodied Carbon, high-strength mix. Compared to a standard concrete mix, this product change avoided the equivalent of 10.0 metric tons of CO2. Which is the equivalent of 3.1 passenger cars off the road or 165 tree seedlings grown for 10 years.

  • “Site and lot selection are not always something that you will be able to control when trying to build a high-performance home. However, for this build, and for the greatest chance of success, we specifically chose a lot that was ideal for us because it is flat, has a north-south orientation, simple lot geometry and was slightly wider than our typical lots.”

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