TECA Ventilation Checklist

To size your balanced ventilation system

We are TECA  Ventilation Checklist qualified and trained.

We have trained staff that will help you meet your ventilation requirements in the BC Building Code section 9.32.

TECA ventilation checklist The BC Building code requires a balanced ventilation system.  We can help.

High performance homes and even Step Code homes are very different than  homes that were built 10 years ago.  We are installing better windows, more insulation, and building very airtight homes.  Therefore mechanical systems are very important, especially balanced ventilation systems.

The services we can provide:

  • TECA Ventilation checklists
    (HRV, Furnace with principle exhaust fan, passive inlets)
  • CAN/CSA F326 sizing of HRV  (alternate pathway to meet ventilation requirements in the BC Building Code)
  • Exhaust fan depressurization test
    (test home for combustion spillage when the kitchen range hood fan is inducing significant negative pressure. )

Ventilation systems are extremely import for new and existing homes.  Indoor air contaminates, like high moisture levels need to be exhausted outdoors.   Filtered Fresh air from outside is required to replace the exhausted air.

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We recommend hiring a trained TECA ventilation expert to install your ventilation system.  We will work with your installer, to ensure the system is sized correctly.



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Oversized mechanical systems are a major problem in modern homes today. Heating and cooling systems need to be sized correctly in order to optimize performance and reduce utility fees. Right sized mechanical systems will also extend the life cycle of your equipment. Gone are the days of "bigger is better" .....