Mount Pleasant – Vancouver, BC

The first CHBA Net-Zero Duplex in Vancouver BC.

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Completed | 2023

Builder | Averra Developments

Building Designer | DWG

Net Zero Energy Advisor | Capital Home Energy

Solar Design | Terratek Energy Solutions

Structural Engineer | Chui Hippmann Engineering

Interior Design | euoi studio

Developer | Deso Properties

Mount Pleasant | Net Zero Labeled Duplex

Builder | Averra Developments

Congratulations to Averra for this first ever CHBA Net-Zero duplex in Vancouver.  An inspired team of professionals came together to plan, develop, and construct these exceptional homes located on a quiet side street just 2-blocks off Main Street.

Averra has become one of the premier Net Zero home builders in the lower mainland of British Columbia, and this duplex exemplifies top quality finishing and high-performance efficiency.

A Net Zero duplex is very challenging to achieve. It is very Important to note that each side of the duplex achieved Net Zero.  This means both homes are individually air tightness tested, energy modelled, and generate enough solar PV energy to offset the homes energy consumption on an annual basis.  This is requirement of the CHBA Net Zero Homes program, the EnerGuide Rating System, and The City of Vancouver.

Highlights of the home include:

Foundation walls: effective R-22

Above grade walls: effective R-24

Ceilings: effective R-35

Windows: Mix of high performance double and triple glazed low E argon gas filled

Air barrier: Exterior air barrier taped and sealed

Air tightness: 1.04/0.98 ACH (air changes per hour)

Heating system: Daikin mini-split heat pump

Domestic hot water: Rheem integrated heat pump hot water tank

Ventilation:  Venmar HRV 75% SRE

Energy monitor: Emporia Smart Home System and app to provide clear, meaningful energy use analysis and actionable recommendations to help homeowners save money and conserve energy and reduce carbon outputs


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