F280-12 Heating/Cooling load calculations

Right size your mechanical systems

We are CAN/CSA F280-12 room by room heating and cooling load calculations certified.

Our trained staff uses approved compliance software (Wright Soft) to perform proper room by room heating and load calculations, to “right size” your heating and cooling systems.

f280-12 CHBA Net Zero homes require F280-12 room by room heating and cooling load calculations.

High performance homes and even Step Code homes are very different than  homes that were built 10 years ago.  We are installing better windows, more insulation, and building very airtight homes.  Therefore mechanical systems are very important, especially balanced ventilation systems.

Since these newer modern homes require less energy to heat and cool, we no longer need to “oversize” heating and cooling systems.

This is why having proper room by room heating/cooling load calculations is very important. There is cost savings on the equipment, and cost savings on your utility bills !

At the end of the day, we want systems in our homes that can heat and cool and keep up with high and low demand depending on what time of year it is.

Healthy, durable, comfortable homes are the goal.  This is why we stress F280-12 heating and cooling calculations.

It is very difficult and  very expensive to fix an over sized or under sized heating/cooling system. This is why F280-12 calculations are very important to have before your project even begins.

F280-12 Residential Heat Loss/Gain Certified through HRAI

Attention to Detail

Oversized mechanical systems are a major problem in modern homes today. Heating and cooling systems need to be sized correctly in order to optimize performance and reduce utility fees. Right sized mechanical systems will also extend the life cycle of your equipment. Gone are the days of "bigger is better" .....