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Capital Home Energy offers EnerGuide Ratings for new and existing homes in and around Vancouver BC as well as other money saving services.

We are Certified Energy Advisors for both existing and New Homes. Capital Home Energy provides Home Energy Audits and EnerGuide Ratings for both New and Existing Homes. We also provide



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We just had Luke Dolan in our home completing an energy assessment. I wanted to make note that we very much appreciated his professionalism, attention to detail, his explanation in regards to our home’s current condition and outstanding energy needs.
Further, I had forgotten to register as well as read/prepare for the assessment. Luke was markedly patient as I completed these steps, as well as having to wade through piles of things to get to attics, the furnace etc…
We wanted Luke to be aware that we appreciated his patience and high quality of professionalism as well as Capital Home Energy being made aware that he is doing a great job.”
Kathryn and Daniel Barczi
“I had heard about the government grants through the media, and wanted to know more about the matter. A friend recommended Capital Home Energy, who were extremely helpful in answering any questions I had. After the assessment on the house, I decided to do window upgrades. The difference has lowered my heating bills immensely, and saved a lot of energy. Money well spent.”
Mike S., North Vancouver
“We had no idea what elements in our home already qualified for a grant. Capital Home Energy helped us see what we were loosing and gaining in energy costs. We would recommend Capital Home Energy to anyone wanting to make a difference in their energy savings and impact on the environment in this world.”
David & Anita M., White Rock
“The service was prompt and informative. Everything was clear and easy to follow. We will definitely recommend your services to friends and family, who may not be aware of what they can get back!”
Joshua & Colleen G., Whistler
“We recently employed Capital Home Energy for an energy audit of our home. They were very professional, clean and respectful. Since then we have implemented their recommendations and our house is now much more energy efficient – our heating bills have gone down significantly. We also applied for and received $2000 in government grant money for doing the recommended upgrade to our home. Great service, saved us money, and we feel greener!”
Cara Williams - Pemberton
“Excellent service – professional and friendly. It is easy to recommend this company to anyone seeking a home energy evaluation. Informative and respectful. I was very satisfied with the services provided. Thanks, Luke!”
Christina Campbell - Vancouver


Learn about the BC Hydro and Fortis Gas Power Smart Program for New Homes

To qualify, you need a home energy audit before you upgrade. To book your evaluation, call 604-562-0387.

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