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BC Energy Step Code Update January 2023

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Welcome to 2023! The Building and Safety Standards Branch (BSSB) hopes the holiday season was enjoyable for everyone. Looking forward to the new year, there are several exciting activities to make note of.

BSSB has joined the new Ministry of Housing: In late 2022, a standalone Ministry of Housing was announced with the Honourable Ravi Kahlon as Minister of Housing. The Ministry of Housing is responsible for providing British Columbians access to more affordable, safe and appropriate housing through policy and programs, technical codes and standards, and services for landlords and tenants. As part of this new ministry, BSSB continues its work on new and existing buildings and priorities referenced across several ministerial mandate letters.

Energy Efficiency and Revisions to BCBC 2018 in 2023: The public review period on the proposed energy efficiency and carbon pollution changes to BCBC 2018 closed November 4, 2022. The feedback received highlighted the need for a smooth transition to the proposed requirements. As a result, the Ministry is considering options to minimize disruption to in-stream projects, including the possibility of a delayed effective date to allow for bylaw amendments and project design adjustments prior to the regulation coming into effect.

Updated compliance tools in 2023: In support of the proposed energy efficiency changes in the recent public review, Focal Engineering is working on updating Part 9 & Part 3 Energy Reporting Tools 

The next edition of the BCBC is coming: The next edition of the BC Codes (BCBC 2023) is anticipated to be adopted by mid-2023 with an effective date of December 2023, subject to Ministerial approval. As part of this work, we are harmonizing with the 2020 model National Codes. We are also working on proposed changes to accessibility requirements and will seek feedback on them in 2023. We are not anticipating any substantial energy efficiency changes will be part of BCBC 2023, beyond what is already proposed.


This update is a re-post of  the BC Energy Step Code newsletter January 2023

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