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BC Energy Step Code Update March 2023

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Step code logoUpdate from the Building and Safety Standards Branch 
BC Building Code changes coming May 1, 2023

The BSSB is happy to announce that the building code changes to enable 20% better energy efficiency and provide an opt-in Zero Carbon Step Code (formerly known as the Carbon Pollution Standard) were signed by the Minister of Housing last week.  

Here are some highlights:

  • These Code changes take effect May 1, 2023. By that date, most new construction in BC must be 20% more energy efficient than base 2018 BC Building Code.
  • The opt-in Zero Carbon Step Code will also be available for local governments to reference starting May 1, 2023.
  • Read the amendment to the Building Act General Regulation online. 
  • Read a PDF convenience copy of the BC Building Code changes (for information only). 
  • The performance approach for Step 3 in Part 9 construction remains the default option. Local governments wishing to enable a prescriptive energy efficiency approach for Step 3 in Part 9 construction must pass a bylaw to enable that approach. This responds to feedback from rural or remote communities who wish to maintain a prescriptive-based option, while also meeting requests from other local governments wishing to retain the performance-based approach.
  • Backup heat from wood stoves and decorative gas fireplaces will be excluded from GHG modelling in Part 9 buildings. This responds to feedback from communities that experience frequent power outages.

The Building and Safety Standards Branch will release more information in the coming weeks to support a smooth rollout of the change. Email building.safety@gov.bc.ca if you have questions.

Taken from the BC Energy Step Code newsletter February 2023

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