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Greener Homes Grant Update

“NRCan just held a townhall meeting with all service organizations across Canada. Here is the update with regards to the Greener Homes grant: The program will be fully subscribed within the next two weeks. Greener Homes will stop accepting new applications within the next two weeks, with co-delivery provinces such Ontario stopping all D assessments as of end of today.…
Hannah Monkcom
February 7, 2024
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Backdrafting In Our Homes

What is backdrafting? Backdrafting is the reverse and unwanted flow of exhaust gases from fuel-fired appliances back into a home. Fuel-fired appliances use the oxygen present in air for the combustion process, and also use air to dilute toxic gases in the exhaust vent pipe or chimney. Combustion and dilution air can be supplied directly to the appliance (direct-vent) or can be pulled from…
Luke Dolan
February 24, 2021